World Publishing Company offers several routes to publication, including royalty-shared short story anthologies, writing contests, novels, individual author story collections, non-fiction books, personal memoirs, and our own website’s portal for all forms and genres of fiction.

We accept submissions for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from both established and aspiring authors.

For specifics, please refer to our individual submission calls.

The rest of your writing career is just one submission away!

Please do read the submission guidelines carefully and thoroughly to enhance the chances of having your submissions accepted for World Ember publications.


We welcome writers into our world from all across the globe, and accept submissions in all genres and writing styles. However, we do reserve the right to reject any subject which we deem to not be appropriate for our publication[s].

Each individual submission call shall include detailed information for:

Word Count


Author Compensation

All submissions must be in English.

Bestiality - We reject any work related to bestiality, unless of course you are writing about werewolves or similar creatures in fiction.

Erotica - We do not accept erotica, period.

Graphic Non-Con Sex - It is never OK but where necessary, use it sparingly.

The following formatting requirements are more or less industry-standard – and our preference:

Manuscript Format - .doc/.docx only

Font - Times New Roman | 12 pt

Spacing - Double Line | Single Space between Sentences

Scene Breaks - ***

Spelling - British [UK] English

Please include the story/poem title and word count in the header section of your manuscript.


  • Hyphenated words shall be counted as one word.
  • Paragraph breaks are not included in the final word count.

You cannot go wrong if you follow the Shunn Format to the letter.

Please read and proofread your manuscript carefully and thoroughly before you submit. We will edit where necessary but stories/poems riddled with mistakes have significantly higher chances of rejection.

In the header section, please include:

Full Name [Pen Name/Pseudonym]

Residential Address

E-mail Address

PayPal Address

Document Title: [PUBLICATION] - [TITLE] - [AUTHOR]

For Example: Ember Culture - Dracula - Bram Stoker

Please attach your manuscript as a .doc/.docx format document to your email. Do not send us any links, for we will not follow them.

Author Bios should not exceed 100 words, and may include one [1] personal, non-retailer link to your website or social media profile.

Note: Please include them within the document in addition to your email’s text.

Email Subject: [PUBLICATION] - [TITLE] - [AUTHOR]

For Example: Ember Culture - Dracula - Bram Stoker

Email Body - In your email text, please include:

Publication Title

Story/Poem Title

Word Count

Your Name [Pen Name/Pseudonym]

Author Bio

Email Recipient:

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Theme: Ancient Gods – We are looking for origin stories, battles between gods and demons/monsters, gods saving human civilization or wreaking wrathful havoc upon their creations.

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Ancient gods in ancient times. Prehistoric to mediaeval is good. Modern, not so much.

Submit To:

Word Count: 2,400 to 4,200

Payment: $10 USD per story

Deadline: 15th January, 2023

Reprints: Not Allowed

Multiple Submissions: Not Allowed

Simultaneous Submissions: Not our preference but we will not go as far as to forbid them. However, please do inform us immediately if your submitted work has been accepted elsewhere.

Please read the submission guidelines carefully and thoroughly to enhance the chances of having your submissions accepted for World Ember publications.

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